October 4, 2023

Honouring 107 drivers recording lowest number of incidents

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) honoured 107 distinguished drivers under the Traffic Safety Award for 2021-2022, for recording the lowest number of violations and incidents.

Honouring 107 drivers recording lowest number of incidents

“DTC values the dedication of taxi, limousine, and bus drivers, constantly urging them to abide by safe driving rules and all traffic regulations and instructions, ensuring both their safety and the safety of riders. In line with this commitment, DTC hosted an awarding event, reflecting its commitment to achieving the goal of cutting down traffic incidents. This objective aligns with Dubai's traffic safety strategy of achieving zero fatalities,” said Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, CEO of DTC.

“DTC leverages both human and technical resources to achieve top safety standards, the positive results achieved are credited to years of dedicated efforts by DTC, which is always keen on introducing key innovative programmes. These include the Traffic Safety Award, intensive driver training programmes, and regulations governing violating drivers in repeated incidents,” added Al Falasi.

In addition to that, DTC introduced upgraded vehicle specifications through the introduction of smart vehicle-mounted sensors when turning, blind spot detection, and maintaining a safe distance, along with hosting awareness and guidance workshops in cooperation with strategic partners. It continues to develop driver training programmes through employing AI technologies.

Thanking Drivers

Dubai Taxi Cooperation CEO expressed gratitude to the recognised drivers for their outstanding performance and dedication to offering transportation services at the highest standards, maximising customer happiness.

The drivers conveyed their joy over the felicitation, appreciating DTC's commitment to fostering a positive work environment. They noted that this felicitation serves as a huge motivator, encouraging them to adhere to safe rules and traffic regulations. They remain committed to enhance DTC's accomplishments and contribute to realising its vision to be a pioneer in offering safe and sustainable transportation services.

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