December 28, 2023

Dubai Taxi and Tabby ink strategic partnership to provide flexible payment solutions to customers

First of its kind strategic partnership to revolutionize payment flexibility for Dubai Taxi services, enhancing customer convenience, DTC the leading provider of comprehensive mobility solutions in Dubai, has entered into a landmark long-term strategic partnership with Tabby

Dubai Taxi and Tabby ink strategic  partnership to provide flexible payment solutions to customers

Dubai Taxi Company (DTC), the leading provider of comprehensivemobility solutions in Dubai, has entered into a landmark long-term strategicpartnership with Tabby, a leading payments and shopping company renowned in theMiddle East and North Africa (MENA) region, toprovide flexible payment solutions for all transport services provided by DubaiTaxi.

The agreement, a first in theUAE's transport sector for postpaid services, is set to redefine the landscapeof postpaid transport services in the UAE, offering customers a new level offlexibility in payment solutions.

The collaboration alignsseamlessly with Dubai Taxi's commitment to enhancing customer happiness andwell-being by delivering the very best in services and distinguished transportexperiences, marked by efficiency, comfort, and innovation.

The partnership featurespost-payment solutions for a wide range of services, including limousine services for several hours and, in safehands.Leveraging the advanced payment capabilities of both entities, this synergyaims to provide customers with seamless and hassle-free payment experiences.

The agreement was signed at theDubai Taxi headquarters by Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, CEO of DTC, and Hosam Arab,CEO and Co-Founder of Tabby, in the presence of several dignitaries andofficials from both entities.

Under the deal, customers will gain access toTabby's successful postpaid model, renowned for its smooth payment processes,convenience, and flexibility through a comprehensive multi-channel system. Thisincludes offering interest-free credit balances and short-term installmentprogrammes, empowering customers to fully enjoy Dubai Taxi's wide array ofservices while effectively managing their expenses.

Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi,highlighting Dubai Taxi's commitment, stated that DTC will spare no effort tointegrate the latest technologies and innovative solutions to enhance thequality of transport services and experiences it provides and achieve thehighest standards of luxury and customer satisfaction. “We will also strive to enrich themobility experience in Dubai and contribute to the city's goal of becoming oneof the happiest in the world,” he added.

Al Falasi emphasized that thesigning of the agreement with Tabby is a strategic move within Dubai Taxi'scontinuous efforts to offer transport services that meet the highestinternational standards in an innovative and customer-centric manner. Thismakes Dubai Taxi the first company in the UAE to introduce a postpaid model fortransport services.

He alsohighlighted the significance of the partnership with Tabby, which enables DubaiTaxi to offer flexible, seamless, and secure payment solutions. Thiscollaboration is expected to bring about a significant shift in the waycustomers pay for transport services, especially for services like multi-day limousinebookings.

For his part, Hosam Arab,expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, said, "We are thrilled tocollaborate with Dubai Taxi, a leading name in comprehensive mobility solutionsand the largest taxi operator in Dubai. Our partnership allows us to extendflexible payment options to a broader customer base through the smart servicesavailable on the Tabby app. This initiative will enable customers to optimizetheir financial resources while enjoying the transport services provided by DubaiTaxi."

Dubai Taxi Company, famous for its diverse range ofmobility solutions, operates across four main business sectors. These includeregular taxi services, VIP limousine services with experienced chauffeurs for aluxurious travel experience, comprehensive bus services, and last-mile deliveryservices through delivery bikes, all tailored to meet the varying needs of itscustomers in Dubai.