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Dubai Taxi signs exclusive operation agreement to serve Global Village visitors

Dubai Corporation Taxi: 24/10/2021

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed an exclusive operation agreement for providing taxi and limousine services to visitors of the Global Village. The agreement takes effect from 26 October 2021 when the new season of the Global Village, is scheduled to start.

Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, and Bader Anwahi, Chief Executive Officer, Global Village, signed the agreement.

“The agreement provides DTC with the exclusively to run mobility services to the Global Village visitors. The range of services includes taxi, limousine, ladies and families taxi at designated gates at the exits, which enable clients to book the services smoothly via DTC App. The agreement will boost the corporate profile of both entities and enable them to promote and market the events and initiatives completed via social media channels,” said Al Falasi.

“Dubai is a destination for happiness, convenience and entertainment for residents and tourists, and the Global Village has been a prominent tourist destination for more than 25 years. The strategic goals of the DTC which include Excellent Operation and People Happiness will not be achieved without forging partnerships with entities in different sectors and taking appropriate measures that chart out the future of Dubai. The diversity of services on offer stems from our commitment to satisfying all spectrums of the Global Village visitors,” he added.

Bader Anwahi - Chief Executive Officer - Global Village, said, “Throughout the previous seasons, we were keen to examine the best methods and strategies of making our visitors happier, and offering them the best cultural and recreational experiences, which contributes to achieving high guests’ happiness and satisfaction. We are pleased to cooperate with leading local establishments, such as the Dubai Taxi Corporation, in providing innovative services that enable us to realise our objectives.

“We are committed to providing convenient and enjoyable experiences to millions of visitors including families of all ages. We are also committed to the continuous improvement of our services to bring them on a par with the top global standards. Such efforts are aligned with the strategic direction for redefining an innovative concept and an integrated framework for delivering services,” said Anwahi.