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DTC introduces Logistics Delivery Services in collaboration with ZeMaas Technology Solutions

Dubai Corporation Taxi: 15/04/2021

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ZeMaas Inc. offering a raft of advanced technology solutions in the logistics delivery sector. The MoU seeks to revolutionise the logistics delivery services in Dubai and enable the DTC to play a pivotal role in this vital field. It will also enable DTC to expand its brand and utilise its fleets to improve the logistics delivery services in Dubai. This new initiative aims to provide smart, convenient, and affordable logistics delivery services to serve all individuals and entities operating in the emirate.

Mansour Rahma Al Falasi, CEO of DTC signed the MoU for the Corporation, while it was signed for ZeMaas by Fadi Shawar, the company's Regional Director of Sales.

According to the MoU, the DTC will work with ZeMaas to test several different operating models in the field of logistics delivery services to launch an affordable model that allows direct communication with customers and helps companies to thrive during and post-Covid-19 pandemic period. The model is compatible with the main objectives of the DTC to provide excellent services to all customers in the emirate and respond to the urgent needs of businesses, restaurants, and retail outlets for affordable, quality, efficient, and excellent delivery services.

By utilising its current resources and a massive fleet of taxis, and as part of its continuous endeavours to improve the quality of services to the public and make them happier, the DTC is now seeking to expand its brand further through this innovative model for logistics delivery services for both individual and corporate clients (Business-to-Individual and Individual-to-Individual). The introduction of these technology-driven logistics delivery services will assist the realisation of DTC’s goals and targets of its strategic plan, including the delivery of creative and sustainable services, and setting a benchmarking model for the top practices and technologies of the taxi transport industry.

The MoU signed between DTC and ZeMaas will contribute to strengthening the standing of the DTC as a leading logistics delivery services provider in Dubai. It will also enhance the direct communication between businesses and their customers through the adoption of innovative solutions for logistics delivery services upon request.

“The DTC is keen on attracting and recruiting talented and skilled human resources and adopting high-tech to deliver best-in-class services that make people happier. In line with its confident and insightful steps, DTC has launched a new business line to serve all beneficiaries of delivery and logistic services in Dubai,” said Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, RTA.

“To manage the delivery and logistic services efficiently, DTC is now moving forward to setting a comprehensive and solid platform to manage all logistics delivery services by adopting ZeMaas innovative solutions. We have identified that ‘ZeMass’ model is ideally suited to the vision and strategic objectives of the DTC” he added. 

The MoU will enable DTC to broaden the scope of its taxi operations by adopting this innovative solution for managing the logistics delivery services model on-demand, over and above the smart transportation services provided by the taxi fleet. This initiative responds to the increasing demand for logistics delivery services at a scale unprecedented before, and the need to provide smart and dynamic support to businesses and the people of Dubai.

“Again, DTC made it real and has established a benchmark in the taxi industry by transforming their business model, showcasing advancement, resilience, and prompt responsiveness to the post-pandemic realism.  The adoption of such a model reflects the essence of DTC and stands as an international industry exemplar of how to smartly respond to a global pandemic by transforming from a taxi company to a mobility and logistics service provider,” said Fadi Shawar, ZeMaas Technologies’ Regional Director of Sales. 

“Dubai’s market has a huge demand for a trusted delivery service provider and is looking to be enabled with the proper technology. With consideration to the current pandemic situation, there cannot be a better time to serve businesses and the people of Dubai,” added Shawar. 

ZeMaas Inc. specialises in providing technology solutions for delivery and logistic services. Headquartered in Canada, the company has developed an innovative business model and various ready-to-use technology solutions for delivery and logistic services management.