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Dubai Taxi adds five new schools to school transport network

Dubai Corporation Taxi: 19/09/2019

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has signed a contract with Athena Educational Group amounting, adding 5 more schools (2 in Dubai and 3 in Sharjah) for 5 years to the list of schools covered by DTC’s school transport service.

“The contract signed with Athena Group provides for serving about 2100 students from 5 schools under the Group. DTC’s school transport service has seen a significant expansion this year and the number of students served has grown to 11,000 students from 21 schools plied by 436 buses. The service growth is attributed to the safe and secure transit, and quality services on offer, which prompts parents to switch to the service instead of private vehicles,” said Essam Al Rafie, Director of School Transport, Dubai Taxi Corporation, RTA.


“DTC’s buses are fitted with advanced technologies to assure the security and safety of students such as surveillance cameras, and sensors to ensure no students are left behind. Buses are also equipped with an emergency button to communicate with the control centre, an identity verification system through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and automatic fire suppression systems,” said Al Rafie.

“Through the platform (http://schoolbus.dubaitaxi.ae/parentportal), parents have accessibility to online payments, students’ registration and information update. They can also use DTC School Bus App to track the movement of students and buses online and identify the pick-up/drop-off points. The App also measures the happiness index and satisfaction rating of parents,” he added.

Success Factors

“The success of the service is attributed to the selection of trained drivers and qualified female supervisors capable of dealing with students of all age groups. All supervisors have been trained in handling emergencies and are accredited by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services in First Aid and other fields,” concluded Al Rafie.