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Dubai Taxis Enaya health campaign covers 12500 employees

Dubai Corporation Taxi: 24/07/2019

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has launched a wide-ranging campaign, branded ‘Enaya’ (Care) to improve the health condition and increase awareness among its employees and drivers. Many medical specialist and experienced practitioners take part in the campaign, which includes health checkups and medical education stressing on the need for periodic tests. The campaign will continue throughout this July.

“Enaya campaign is part of DTC’s efforts to nurture a healthy working environment, as performance efficiency rests on the physical and psychological health of employees. Running such a campaign will raise the health awareness of our staff and enable us to screen the medical conditions of more than 500 employees and 12,000 drivers,” said Dr Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation.

Free tests during the campaign include body mass index, blood sugar, skin diseases, ECG, cholesterol, lungs, eyesight, and blood pressure to name a few. Tested individuals, who were provided with instant results, expressed their satisfaction and appreciation of such important and educative health campaigns.

“DTC is keen on aligning initiatives with its key strategic objectives. It makes every effort to ensure high-class medical care to all staff members. We firmly believe that such efforts will boost employees’ happiness and at the same time improve the quality of service deliverables,”