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DTC - Dubai Taxi Corporation - مؤسسة تاكسي دبي
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Dubai Taxi Company provides a work environment that ensures continuous process of development, being one of the largest leading governmental mobility taxi vehicles institutions, which is committed to the methodology of work ethics and take it upon itself to the principles of commitment and integrity, it also adopts a series of encouragement and motivation programs for its employees at all levels of management, as well as events and initiatives created to reach employees satisfaction and happiness.


Join our 1000+ of diverse experienced staff from different backgrounds and nationalities. Our professional staff membersat Dubai Taxi Company pride themselves on delivering exceptional service and on providing unique experiences to our customers while receiving the right level of care and training to maintain their happiness in a family-oriented work environment.

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We at Dubai Taxi proud to have over 12,000 female and male drivers of Limousines and Taxis who are highly trained and skilled. Our dedicated drivers work in Dubai Taxi fleet around the clock (on shifts) and are proficient in many languages including: Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Nepali, Sri Lankan, Bengali and Tagalog while the priority in employment comes to those who have long experience in taxi driving. We are proud that we have a diverse nationalities from more than 37 countries to serve our customers in different segments of the community while we ensure to provide all the comforts of our drivers to keep them motivated and happy.

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