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Dubai Taxi teams with LinkedIn in remote training of human resources

Dubai Corporation Taxi: 17/05/2020

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has engaged in a remote employee-training model via the smart application ‘LinkedIn Learning’. 120 employees have benefited from the online training programmes in the platform, which has about 15,000 learning and training courses updated weekly and delivered by an array of industry experts. The step is part of the deliverables of the strong partnership between RTA and LinkedIn MENA.

“Through our partnerships with LinkedIn, we seek to identify and implement best practices and solutions benefiting the current health conditions to maintain qualitative investment in human resources. The content, which has benefited more than 120 employees, covered academic visuals and specialist courses. Fields covered include data analysis, innovation, leadership skills, project management, technical skills, digital marketing, and positive thinking among others. Affiliated employees who complete the course, can obtain a certificate to add to their LinkedIn profiles,” said Ammar Al Buraiki, Director of Joint Services, Dubai Taxi Corporation, RTA.

“Dubai Taxi Corporation is keen to run creative initiatives to leverage employee productivity and performance. We have charted out a learning and training plan covering respective specialties of employees to ease their affiliation to online courses on offer. The step aims to utilise digital technologies to ensure the delivery of services remotely and cope with all conditions, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. The process illustrates DTC’s preparedness to cope with challenges that might impact the business process,” he added.