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Dubai Taxi ponders 42 innovative ideas for post-coronavirus future

Dubai Corporation Taxi: 02/09/2020

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has held an online workshop entitled: ‘Preparatory Steps for Post-Coronavirus Year.’ Attendees included Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes, CEO of Rail Agency and Chairman of DTC Supervisory Board; Dr Yousef Al Ali, CEO of DTC, and several members of the Board and leaders of DTC.

The workshop discussed two key topics. The financial sustainability and excellent operation of DTC. Discussions aimed to envision the situation after the Covid-19 and concluded to 42 innovative ideas to cope with the fallouts of the pandemic. Ideas put forward have the potential to foster an agile and fast-moving working environment capable of coping with new changes and different priorities. Such ideas chart out future scenarios compatible with the corporate priorities in the post-coronavirus future.

Through the workshop, DTC sought to come up with creative ideas, proposals and solutions, which are easy to apply and will have measurable improvements in the working environment and the quality of DTC’s services. Ideas call for mapping out new plans, policies and processes capable of meeting the needs of future mobility. Proposals made a call for forging strategic partnerships, adopting a new approach to future economic prospects, and advocating smart and digital drive to unlock new opportunities through benefiting from the existing data to overcome the existing challenges.  

The huge global changes following the Covid-19 have had negative impacts on all activities. DTC needs to think differently to get prepared for the post-coronavirus world, which requires taking proactive measures and redefining Dubai Taxi plans to beat the challenges in hand. In this workshop, DTC focused on coming up with substantial findings to bring happiness to clients, drivers and employees through improving processes and creating opportunities to improve Dubai Taxi services.

DTC’s role warrants taking quick, creative and crucial decisions to maintain the delivery of classy services. Embracing the change culture to cope with the exceptional circumstances ensures Dubai Taxi’s effective adaptation to the new conditions. It makes DTC the least vulnerable to losses, and the fastest recovering and growing in future. Accordingly, Dubai Taxi will be in a position to achieve its objectives and maintain its values and strategies.