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Dubai Taxi adds more services features to DTC App

Dubai Corporation Taxi: 24/06/2021

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has added an array of new taxi services to the Dubai Taxi Application (DTC App). Examples of the newly activated services include the People of Determination Taxi, Ladies & Family Taxi, and the Airport Taxi, over and above the luxury limousine services, which had been added to the App since inception in 2019. The move contributes to the vision of the Dubai Taxi to become Pioneers in Safe, Reliable and Smart Transport Services, and its strategic goals: Operational Excellence and Smart Transport.

“The Dubai Taxi Corporation has charted out an ambitious strategy that led to the launch of several initiatives and services in line with the highest international standards. DTC is particularly focused on maximising customers satisfaction and happiness through saving their time and effort and anticipating their needs. The introduction of deluxe and safe mobility services by a click of a button promises to transform the concept of the taxi service and exceed customers’ expectations,” said Abdullah Al Meer, Director of Operation and Commercial Affairs, DTC.

“The DTC App enables customers to instantly book a taxi ride or make a prior booking of a taxi on any given date or time. The App can also estimate the fare before the start of the journey, i.e. automatically upon entering the location and personal details. Once the order is confirmed and the payment method is selected, the App will locate the nearest taxi and despatch it automatically to the location of the customer. The customer will receive notifications about the arrival of the vehicle at the specified location. The client will have several options to pay the fare, such as credit card, e-wallet or cash. The journey will be free if the driver doesn’t switch on the metre of the taxi, be it hailed via the app or otherwise,” explained Al Meer.

Reflecting on DTC’s initiatives to serve customers, Al Meer said: “DTC provides a smart response to reports about the service received via several channels, such as customers feedback, and lost and found items cases reported via the telephone number (8009090) or e-mail (ask@rta.ae). The case is then analysed and responded to within 7 working days at most. During the first quarter of 2021, the signing-off of customers reports amounted to 100%. All these achievements support the drive to uplift the calibre of the taxi service, boost the service excellence standards, and prioritise customers who are perceived as success partners of the DTC,” concluded Al Meer.