Mashweer the New Services allows for fully trained and competent drivers (without taxis) to interested parties for a limited period of time agreed upon between the two parties, provided that the interested individual or corporate customer has to provide a vehicle, with comprehensive insurance and fuel.
Fare Condition:
  • The service at a rate of 40 dirham per hour for a period of at least two hours.
  • The service charge will be 250 dirham for 8 hours.
  • The service charge will be 1000 dirham for a week.
  • The services charge will be 3500 dirham for a month.  
The service requests are placed through:
  • To communicate and confirm service, please call: 042080555.
  • Receiving the customer in DTC Customers Service Office at Terminal 3, Dubai Airport.
  • To sign up to this service, Click Here.
DTC is seeking to curb negative practices spotted in the community where some individuals and companies tend to hire drivers who are in breach of the applicable legislations related to residency and others. Moreover, it helps reserve the rights of all parties through contracts made, and deliver top quality service at competitive rates in flexible timeline and with multiple options,” said the Director of DTC Fleet Operations in a final comment.​