Dubai Taxi offers Umrah trips to cabdrivers

Dubai Taxi offers Umrah trips to cabdrivers

Date 7/4/2014

​The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently despatched 80 taxi drivers to perform Umrah in three batches in a bid to raise cabbies satisfaction and offer them psychological relief as well as a social and spiritual experience that helps them improve their operational efficiency & performance on the hand, and achieve higher customer satisfaction rating on the other.

Marwan Othman, Director of DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs, said: “This trip is part of a series of trips to be organized by the DTC to the holy sites in a specific timeline. The initiative targets DTC’s cabdrivers and covers the entire expenses of the trip including lodging. A committee has been set up to accompany cabbies, deliver educative lectures about to perform Umrah and Ihram along with booklets about Umrah rituals, besides distributing Ihram, Quran, prayer beads (Misbaha), and a packet of Zamzam water to each one.
“Through various sections, the DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs Department is keen to provide every comfort to about 9 thousand multinational taxi drivers ranging up to 33 nationalities. The DTC organizes a host of programs and initiatives such as My Talent (Mawhibati) and World Cup contests in an effort to cement the links between employees and cabbies. It also delivers several lectures and holds educative and awareness programs at the Training and Qualification Center, besides honouring cabbies who manage to realize the objectives of the DTC by offering them incentives, moral rewards and certificates of appreciation among others,” said Othman in a concluding remark​