Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values

​​​Our Vision

“Pioneers in Passenger Transport Services”.

Our Mission

To achieve Government Trends that impacts on the goals and objectives of thee strategic plan, including the people happiness and creativity and innovation, DTC updat​e recently its mission to be “Creative management for modern fleet to taxis in accordance with the highest international standards and provide excellent, varieties and innovative services that meet the needs of all segments of society”.

Our Values

In our journey towards our strategic vision and through seeking to achieve our highest mission, we the foundation of Dubai Taxi Corporation will refer to the following values system as the first cardinal values, the source of our inspiration and the solid base around which we build on our plans and policies constantly:

  • Customer Services: Volume and profits we achieved is a real proof (expression) of the service level and satisfaction we provide our clients (customers).
  • Ethics and Treatment: Our institutional reputation is an attractive image and strong proof of the sophisticated morals and high ethics of all our staff.
  • Technology and Effectiveness: The effectiveness of our performance is a direct translation (indication) of our leaders and specialists’ knowledge and the extent of our reliance on technology and results.
  • Satisfaction and Loyalty of employees: The Satisfaction and loyalty of our staff is a direct reflection of respect, empowerment and the ability to make decisions.
  • Quality and Excellence: Our accuracy and efficiency of our operations ensure the safety of our workforce and dealers that allow us to achieve great results.


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Functions and ResponsibilitiesIn order to achieve our goals, the corporation may carry out the following but not limited:


  • Own and lease vehicles, movables & properties and own lease and supply necessary workshops for maintenance and repair of mean; purchase Equipment, machinery & tools.
  • Build the necessary petrol stations to supply vehicles with fuel and invest excess fund within light transport matches its aims and goals.
  • Conclude cooperative agreements with third party companies related to its fields and activities.

Safety and SecurityWe run our operation efficiently, preserve our facilities and structures and ensure their safe use. We guarantee the protection of environment and inpiduals and assure the over all safety over themselves and their properties.