Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

​H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Executive Council; having reviewed Law No.(17) of 2005 to establish Roads & Transport Authority (RTA); Executive Council Resolution No.(8) of 2006 to establish the bodies subsidiary to RTA and approve its organizational chart; resolved to be established by virtue of this resolution and Corporation to be called Dubai Taxi Corporation, which shall enjoy legal personality and be financially and administratively independent. Dubai Taxi Corporation shall exercise its activities on commercial bases and may contract with third parties and in this capacity may litigate as plaintiff or defendant. The Corporation so established shall be subsidiary to RTA. 
The Corporation provides all kinds of services, comfort means, and customer care that meet the highest levels of transportation quality standards. All this provided through a dedicated staff that seeks public satisfaction in introducing new and excellent services in a manner that contributes to the elevation level of transportation industry and in reflecting its civic image.

Historical Background

Dubai Taxi Corporation’s objective shall be to transport passengers in and to the Emirate of Dubai by small vehicles (taxis); lease small vehicles and exercise any other activities related to such purposes. The Corporation may also transport passengers to the Emirate of Dubai from outside in accordance with any agreements made with the concerned authorities in other Emirates.
Throughout the last decades, Dubai established its distinguished position as a commercial and tourist hub in the Middle East providing quality in everything that runs within its orbit such as commerce, industry, transport means, human resources and banking. Dubai ascended to the level of the best cities worldwide in this environment of commitment to provide the highest quality and the best. Dubai Taxi Corporation was born and today it became one of the landmarks that spare no effort to play a major role in the development, growth and prosperity of Dubai. Within a record time, Dubai Taxi Corporation was able to achieve most of its objectives for which it was established and it stands alone with a record full of developments in which it introduced services and excellent effective performance which placed it among the most sophisticated transport systems in the world.
Dubai Taxi Corporation traveled far since it has founded its first base comprised of (81) vehicles on 20th of May 1995. In 1996, the Corporation established the training center which has became nowadays a transport institute that prepares trains and qualifies drivers before they join the Corporation in order to ensure their safety. The Corporation also implemented and adopted a project of advertising on the bodies of its vehicles. In 1997, the Corporation took another step in launching the high standard transport at Dubai International Airport.
In 1996, the Corporation opened vehicles maintenance workshop. It placed its fleet with an amount of 1,500 vehicles at the service of the esteemed public around the clock. The Corporation provided direct reservation services through phone number (+971 4) 2080808 which allows the customer to call the vehicle to the desired location considering that all vehicles of the Corporation are connected to a tracking system through satellite. The Corporation also launched the hands of trust services, the special needs services, hired vehicles, bus services and deferred payment system. The female driver service has been the landmark in the Corporation’s history, because it provides the appropriate grounds that are convenient for the GCC and Arab families, which also observes their privacy.
Dubai Taxi Corporation went worldwide and entered Guinness when it held the largest taxi march in the world. The Corporation was very keen to enter the world of technology and benefit from its application through employing them for serving the public.